Eastside Church of Christ


Welcome to Eastside! We're excited you have chosen to be a part of our area. Eastside Church of Christ is focused on serving others as an expression of the love of Jesus. We have many ministries and we're certain you will be motivated to find a place to serve.

Eastside has many opportunities to be involved in the life of our church community. Stop by our church office at any time to meet with one of our ministry staff and explore ways to be involved! We're glad you are here.


Living the life God intended

It is fair to say many people do not feel like they are living life to the fullest. Work commitments, family stresses, personal struggles, unemployment, personal loss and pessimism about our worlds drains the energy from us and leaves us doing just enough to get by. Some wish they could be more involved in their church families, serve more in their communities, give more of their resources, spend more time with friends, and grow deeper in the faith. Sadly, someday never comes. We are left with the sense that we are not fully living the life God intended for us to live. It is why we celebrate those who do and wish we could, too.

All is not lost. In a community of faith, we can find the strength and support to make small changes, corrections, to begin living the way we would really like to live, living the way we admire others are living, and doing greater things than we have possibly imagined. The Bible is filled with people who have done just that. We will look at many during each Sunday morning. God's word and direction
is just as powerful to change us as the Word was in Jesus' day. 

Join us on Sundays and see what God can do in your life.

Eastside Church of Christ, 705 Indiana St., Graham, Texas 940-549-0217